He Starts Cutting This Egg Carton In Half. The Reason Is Surprisingly Brilliant!

I don’t know about you, but I love the guy who does these awesome tutorials.  His multitude of life hacks really contain useful ideas, and his presentation just makes me laugh out loud.  So, for three new practical hacks, all utilizing egg cartons, sit back and enjoy the video below.

His first ingenious idea he calls The FIRE STARTER.  Everyone needs help getting the big logs to catch fire, whether it be in a campfire or at home in a fireplace.  For me, either kindling wood or store-bought fire starters are the ‘go-to’.  Then comes the crumpled newspaper, dirty hands and all, for added fuel.  What if all this could be circumvented?

It can!  And the CrazyRussianHacker somehow came up with this unusually useful idea, that saves a lot of time.  Taking an empty egg carton he stuffs the holes with lint from the dryer, and adds leftover hot wax from a burning candle.  Watch what he does next to turn these little gems into fire starters.  It’s crazy how well and quickly this works.

Ok, so his next creation which he calls the REFRIGERATOR SPACE-SAVER is truly one of the simplest ideas, that makes you ask yourself why you never thought of this?!! As eggs get used up from the dozen package, he shows you how to reduce it’s size, creating more Frig space, while still storing the remaining eggs.  CRAZY SMART!

Last, but not least our CrazyRussianHacker has come up with a really cool MAKE-SHIFT ICE CUBE TRAY.  It not only comes in handy when the automatic ice-cube maker freezes up or breaks, but it simply is a way of making cool shaped ice cubes.  He does this with empty well-washed egg-carton trays.  It’s also a great solution for transporting cubes in a cooler and just tossing the disposable tray.

Sit back and enjoy his tutorial!

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