She Starts Pressing Store-Bought Dough Inside Her Crock Pot. The End Result YUM!

The cheesy, meaty, saucy and all around appetizing smell of fresh hot pizza is an aroma that a rare few can resist. The mouth watering dish is beloved by people of all ages. Even the ninja turtles and animals, like the infamous pizza rat, love scarfing down a slice! If you also happen to love sinking your teeth into some crispy, delicious, homemade pizza, then you have to try this recipe for crock pot pizza.

As strange as it may sound, you can bake stuff in a slow cooker and achieve many different types of food textures, from crunchy to moist. It’s often assumed that crock pots are just for whipping up soups, sauces, meats, stews, or other liquid-based recipes.

That’s simply not true and this yummy pizza recipe is a case in point. It cooks a lot quicker than the average slow cooker recipe and once you throw all the ingredients together it’ll be done and ready to serve within an hour or so.

A list of all the ingredients you need, plus recipe instructions, are below and definitely check out the accompanying video from the YouTube channel averagebetty. It’s an excellent tutorial put together by Sara O’Donnell where she shows us step by step exactly how to make a crock pot pizza.

She made a standard pepperoni pizza but you can customize the ingredients any way you’d like to fit your tastes. Most of what you need comes prepared, so it’s incredibly simple and convenient because you just have to combine your favorite types of foods!

Ingredients: – Pizza dough – prepared or store bought – Pizza sauce – Shredded cheese – keep it simple with mozzarella or try a different kind – Toppings – any that you like!

Directions: Start by oiling the base of the crock pot and line it with a few strips of parchment paper that crisscross and overlap each other at the center. You should end up crafting them into a sling and this step will make removing the pizza later on a whole lot easier.

Lightly sprinkle a tiny bit of either cornmeal or flour onto the the bottom of the slow cooker. Next, take the pizza dough and press it down firmly and evenly along the bottom of the pot. Form and shape a crust around the edges and make sure to trim and remove any excess dough you may end up with.

Now it’s time to add on the pizza sauce, spread as little or as much as you’d like on the dough. Follow that up with a layer of cheese and then add the toppings. Place the lid on before cooking it on high for 1½ hours. Finally, lift it out of the pot using the parchment sling you made earlier.

Cook times will vary depending on the types and amounts of toppings you used. You may have to cook it a little longer if you chose to load your pizza, so keep that in mind. Also, after about an hour condensation will likely appear on the inside of the lid and if you don’t remove it your pizza may end up soft or mushy.

Simply wipe it off with a paper towel and replace the now dry lid back on, then cook for the remaining half hour. Now all that’s left to do is to slice up the pie, eat, and enjoy the homemade deliciousness. Pass this recipe along and share it with friends and family, it’ll add a little more flavor and convenience to their lives. Bon Appétit!

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