1 Week After Triplets Born Mom Got a Sharp Chest Pain and Rushed To ER. The Doc Came In and Tells Dad ‘I’m Sorry’.

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Pregnancy is one of the most amazing moments in any woman’s life. That amazing glow your skin gives off as it begins to shimmer. Once that initial morning sickness wears off and you are lucky enough to have a smooth pregnancy it can be an absolutely amazing experience. Feeling that first kick in your belly, when your baby in the womb lets you know that they are there.

I’ll just say it. Women don’t get enough credit for delivering babies. Pregnancy is hard and painful. I assume. And that’s just one kid. Having two living people growing inside you at the same time? That’s insane. Well, this is a story about a woman who did that plus one more.

Cassie and Joey got married in 2006. Two years after that, they purchased a farmhouse. Cassie had two babies over the next 4 years. In 2015, Cassie found that she was again pregnant. However, this pregnancy would be different than the others.

The couple soon discovered that Cassie was pregnant with triplets. Near the end of the pregnancy, the doctors gave Cassie a fertility drug to induce labor and she successfully gave birth to triplets with the aid of a C-section. The mother and her children recovered in the hospital for a few days. Then, the couple brought the babies back to the farmhouse.

10 days later, Cassie was awoken by chest pains and a racing heart. Joey brought her to a hospital where they diagnosed her with a blood clot on her lung. It seemed like they could treat it, but without warning, she fell unconscious in the car and died. Joey was left alone to raise 5 kids.

Online, their story was shared. Many people connected with it and wanted to do something to help. Over $150,000 was donated to help Joey raise his kids. While he experienced immense heartbreak, he was able to persevere and raise his kids with the help of the internet’s support. Joey overcame the odds and all of his children are beautiful and thriving. Cassie’s death was not in vain.

Watch this video below for the full story:

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