Can Your Brain Pass This Optical Illusion Test?

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Give your eyes and brain a mental work out by testing your powers of perception with these seriously tough optical illusions. If you can’t believe what you’re seeing or get stumped by them it’s because you’re looking at a compilation of some of the top-most confusing and hard to distinguish ones out there.

Over the years they have managed to stump practically everyone who tries to figure them out and even the smartest brains have found them to be quite difficult.

Optical illusions are, by definition, images and sights which strongly disagree with physical reality. Our brains light up when we suddenly realize that not all is as it appears to be, and force us to pay extra attention to whatever it is that seems to be playing tricks on our eyes. When it comes to interpreting and making sense of incoming sights and visuals, it’s our brains that do all the hard work.

That’s part of the reason why people love looking at optical illusions so much because they’re new challenges for us to figure out and wrap our brains around. Research on the topic backs this belief up and according to Aude Oliva, a cognitive research scientist at MIT, “Anything that is new and surprising is something we naturally like because it means that we may learn something from it.” It’s no wonder so many of us enjoy illusions, and the tricky ones here are no exception!

While there are many different types of illusions it’s optical ones, which are also known as visual illusions, that happen to be the most well known sub-category. To experience some right now work your way through this quiz and see whether or not your brain can pass the test! It’s a fun way to keep your brain strong while challenging your mind and fooling your senses, so have fun and enjoy!

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