Human Puts Shoes on The Floor In Front of This Pup. The Dog Proceeds To Do a Hysterical Shuffle.

There are all sorts of tricks and commands that our pets are capable of doing out there. They range widely in scope, from the incredible and mind-blowing, to the goofy and strange. If you ever used to watch the Late Show with David Letterman then you’re likely familiar with some of the segments that featured “stupid human tricks” and “stupid pet tricks.” This adorable video short falls under the latter category and once you check it out you’ll see why! The big dog seen in the clip sitting patiently with a pair of shoes in front of him is a Boxer named Watson.

He happens to have a very special and unique talent which may seem a bit silly to some, but it’s actually quite awesome nonetheless! The amount of concentration he puts into it is super impressive. Watching this boxer pup show off his skills totally made my day!

When his mom gives him the command he takes one short step forwards and slides his two front paws into the Crocs. The next thing you see is Watson walking across the room in the comfy foam footwear! He seems to be putting in a lot of concentration on shuffling around because his head is fixated downwards and all his attention is directed solely at his feet. He’s a natural born walker and, at the very least, has one cool party trick up his sleeve!

Check out the second video below also to see Watson in all his glory! As for Watson’s choice of footwear, or rather his owner’s, they couldn’t have chosen an uglier pair of shoes for him to go walking in. Many informal polls and studies have found that people view Crocs as the ultimate fashion no-no when it comes to style and likability. Somehow even though so many people dislike Crocs they continue to sell to the people who swear by them.

The clunky rubber shoes that come perforated with a bunch of holes in them were originally designed as a boating shoe, but people wear them on and off dry land. As hideous as many people find them to be, the rubber clogs are super easy to slip in and out of, so Watson’s fashion faux-paw can be forgiven! Personally I would never wear Crocs but if Watson digs them I could totally watch him strut his stuff all day!

If you’ve never seen a dog walk in human shoes before, well here you have it. Be sure to check out the second funny little clip below and pass it on to help spread some smiles!

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