What Aura Color Will You Radiate In 2019?

Life is full of colors, they surround us and make things look more beautiful and alive. Think about it, if the world were to suddenly turn black and white, it would become so dull, bland, and blah. There’s no doubt we’d all be super bummed out about it and that’s why we should thank our lucky stars for the colors we are blessed with being able to see. At the same time, it turns out that there’s a lot more to colors than what we are able to see and each of us vibrates at our own special frequency.

It’s what makes us glow as we each radiate our own unique color. This type of colored energy can be described as an auras because it’s extremely personal to each of us, plus it can be both read or interpreted by others. It’s not only people who radiate colors, other animals and even inanimate objects give off their own vibrations and frequencies.

These colorful expressions change over time as we grow and experience different things, and oftentimes they are a direct reflection of our personal growth and development. The color you are radiating at now is likely much different than the hue you were emitting a year or two ago.

One way to examine what color you are currently vibrating at is by measuring your mental responses to certain visual cues. This quiz is comprised of a series of specialized images and questions that target your perception of the world and the things in it, as well as hone in on the color you’re radiating right here and now! Find out more by taking the quiz and see where it will take you and what it means for the year ahead. Good luck and enjoy! What color did you get? Let us know in the comments

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