Mean Angry Rich Guy Beeps His Horn At Granny Crossing The Street. But She Gets The Best Revenge Ever.

The accompanying video that some kids who were out skateboarding one day managed to capture may be old, but it’s definitely gone on to become a classic YouTube masterpiece! The short, less than 60-second clip was originally posted all the way back in 2006 and while the times may have changed, some things will always remain the same. Take for example the elderly woman who stars in the video. Like most people who share her advanced age, she is stubborn and doesn’t give a hoot about what anyone thinks of her. She’s lived long enough and gone through more than anyone half her age has, so she’s earned the right to do as she darn well pleases, so long as it’s not hurting anyone.

In similar fashion, like many men approaching middle age, more specifically the type who also happen to drive luxury convertibles, the man in the clip is more aggressive than need be. That may be an understatement because his behavior is extremely rude and he’s acting like a total jerk. Anyways, the kids were skateboarding around on the sidewalk when the sound of a blaring car horn caught their attention.

The kid holding the camera trained it on the scene which was unfolding at a nearby stop sign. The older woman was at the crosswalk in front of the sign and appears to have just stepped up when the man in the convertible came to a stop. Apparently she was moving too slow for the Mercedes driver because before she could even step one foot in the road he began blaring his horn.

Like any elderly person is likely to do, she was taking her time to carefully cross the street. Her slow moving pace just seemed to enrage the driver further, he began revving his car engine obnoxiously and continued honking at her. Even though the woman was dealing with one extremely huge jerk, she looked completely unfazed by the whole ordeal.

Once she reached the mid-point in front of the man’s car, she made her move. Suddenly, with lightning quick reflexes, she bashed her large purse smack into the front bumper of the convertible! She managed to hit it squarely in the spot where the airbag sensor happens to be located and with enough force to set it off.

This caused the airbag to immediately be deployed, straight into the unsuspecting driver’s face! He looks shocked, like he cannot believe what just happened to him. He even needs to take off his glasses and sits there in a daze as he assesses the whole situation. Meanwhile, the woman continues on as if nothing happened, grandma definitely won this battle!

It looks like there are only losers when it comes to road rage and overly aggressive drivers who think they own the road or are more important than other people. Next time, the man will hopefully be more considerate and understanding when he comes across an older woman, or anyone in a crosswalk, no matter how fast or slow they may be moving. There’s simply no need to act like such a jerk and plus, karma works in mysterious ways.

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