Tiny Pup Releases A Fart Into Her Big Bro’s Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face.

image via – facebook.com

Dogs are full of funny surprises, especially young, adorable little puppies. Not only are puppies super cute, but they are a source of constant entertainment. Putting a puppy together with a full grown dog is always fun to watch but you need to keep a close eye on them. Lacie, the small black and tan puppy with tiny white paws in this video, is proof of this but she’s also full of something else..

Lacie was messing around with her new brother Mac the Corgi while the 2 were getting to know one another better. They were both starting to get really excited and were amping each other up, yapping and nipping as they bonded over playtime. Even though Mac, being a Corgi and small to begin with, isn’t all that big he still manages to dwarf little Lacie. That’s probably why she resorts to some unique tactics to gain an upper hand!

According to her owner, YouTube user TBL4, Lacie often ‘plays dirty’ and she one-ups her bro here in a very foul way. As their play fight reaches a crescendo she spins around and sticks her furry behind in Mac’s unsuspecting face, then lets one rip! His reaction to the sudden burst of toxic air is absolutely hilarious. The moment it dawns on him that he got farted on is the whole point of watching the video so check it out, it’s so worth the wait..

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