This 2 Year Old Walks Onto The Court. His Next Move Is Priceless!

At a recent Southern Regional High School Varsity boys basketball game in New Jersey the crowd gets to their feet for the National Anthem. Simultaneously, a two year old boy walks out onto the court with his father. He is handed the microphone and confidently starts singing the Star Spangled Banner as the crowd looks on respectfully.

The boy is Trent Harris, son of Cincinnati Bengals long snapper Clark Harris and wife Jessica Harris, and this is his first performance. Where many people would be scared and nervous Trent is a natural and at ease in front of the large crowd.

He does not for even a moment hesitate and starts to sing with confidence and certainty, never missing a beat or line from the notoriously tricky anthem. Many who have sung the Anthem before have forgotten words or botched the notes. Little Trent has no problem powering through it and proves he may even have a future in show business.

All the while his proud parents look on as he sings his adorable rendition of the song. At the end he does not rush off the court but instead strides confidently over to his waiting parents, smiling and clearly thrilled with just having finished his memorable first public presentation. The end result is no doubt an unforgettable moment for all those witnessing the event.

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