Teacher Was Being Harassed With An Inappropriate Question About His Job. His Response Is Brilliant!

Meet Taylor Mali an amazing teacher who will change your perspective on teachers forever.  He has the ultimate response for when somebody asks him how much a teacher makes.  What he says sent chills down my spine.  He reminds us all how much hard work, long hours and pure heart teachers put into their work.  It is today’s teachers that our sculpting the young minds of our next generation.  The best teachers are inspiring the youth to really change the planet for the better.

Taylor Mali lives in New York now and is not only an incredible teacher, but also a phenomenal poet.  To be more specific he is a slam poet.  In slam poetry competitions poets battle each other with original poetry they have written and sometimes even come up with poetry on the spot.

They are judged and a winner is crowned at the end. Mali’s hilarious, sharp wit, and highly perceptive look at life as a teacher pays the ultimate tribute to the joys of teaching and how important they are to our society.

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