He Takes A Knife And Slices It Through This Popcorn Bag. But What He Makes Is Brilliant!

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Microwave popcorn is one of the easiest and most convenient snacks to make. All you need to do is stick the bag in the microwave the right side up and press the preset ‘popcorn’ button. A few minutes later it’s done and ready to be scarfed down.

While at first glance it may seem like there is no way in which the process can be improved upon, there are always ways to make things better and microwave popcorn is no exception. Leave it to everybody’s favorite, YouTube’s Crazy Russian Hacker, to figure out the top hacks in which to go about making awesome popcorn.

Firstly, when most people go to reach into a bag of freshly popped popcorn they usually do it from either of the two ends. That means they end up sticking their fingers down into the greasy, buttery, salty, and sometimes cheesy bag to fish around for their snack and end up getting their hands all dirty.

Instead, open the bag from the side by laying it flat and using a knife to cut the entire side off. This makes it easy to reach all the popcorn without coating your entire hand in grease. Another issue is there are always a few kernels that fail to pop in the bag and no one likes biting down on a hard piece.

To easily get rid of them just shake the bag with the heat vent side facing down over a trash can. The unpopped pieces will make their way out of the bag and fall into the garbage where they belong. If you ever find yourself with popcorn kernels but no way to pop them try making your own bag popping system.

Take a brown paper bag and fill the bottom with the kernels, then add in a little pat of butter and whatever seasonings you like, rumple and close the bag and stick it in the microwave. Be careful to watch the bag as it pops and make sure you don’t overcook it.

This way works just as well as the prepackaged versions. This method also works with a glass bowl and a glass or microwave safe plate. Simply combine all the ingredients like above into the bowl and then place the plate over the top so it is covered.

Place it in the microwave, press the popcorn setting and watch it pop. Be careful removing it because the glass will be super heated. Finally, to modify a bag of popcorn you can cut open a slit on one side and pour in seasonings or add more butter to it that way.

Then take a piece of paper tape (not plastic) and cover the slit, microwave, and open from the side to enjoy. Making it this way ensures that the popcorn will be tastier and better suited to whatever preferences you may have.

Get creative and try new taste combinations, who knows, you could end up making the best popcorn of your life!

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