5 Reasons a Woman Will Break Up With The Guy She’s In Love With

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Many people find that falling in love is easy, it’s breaking up that’s the hard part. When people decide to end a relationship it can be very messy, emotional, and intense. After being committed to someone else and sharing your life with them, how could it not be difficult to let them go?

While each of us looks for certain qualities and different things in a partner, when it comes to women they often fall harder and commit faster to a relationship than men do. Men tend to be more cautious because they’re more likely to think about the eventual heartbreak that could come from a breakup. In contrast, when a woman is falling in love she doesn’t hesitate or hold herself back, nor is she likely to take into account the possible hurt and pain of a failed romance.

At the same time, if a woman feels she is in a relationship that is going nowhere or one that’s unhealthy, she also won’t hesitate to end it. There are many reasons why a woman will choose to leave the man she loves. The accompanying video covers twelve of them and five more are examined further below:

1) Her Man Lacks Spontaneity:
Men often settle down into very predictable routines and follow certain patterns as they age. They develop their own way of doing things, and that’s fine, but women need a little bit of spontaneity every once in awhile. The same old thing over and over gets boring, there’s no excitement in the expected. Men need to show a spark of impulsiveness and do something special for their woman if they want to keep them around and happy. Take her out to her favorite restaurant, buy her something nice, make her breakfast in bed one morning, write her a sweet note. It doesn’t have to be some grand, expensive to-do, just a small thoughtful gesture is all a woman needs to feel loved and appreciated.

2) Considerable Life Change(s):
Men and women age differently and there are certain momentous occasions that a woman may find herself going through. These include kids leaving and moving out of the house, menopause, caring for their parents, and other major milestones or issues that may arise like illness or a sudden death in the family. If her man is not by her side supporting and helping her through all these types of changes and more, then why would she ever choose to stay with him. After all, if your partner isn’t with you when the times are good and bad, then he’s just not worth it.

3) Her Man Is Absent:
When a man is always gone and doing his own thing, a woman will quickly get tired of him being physically not there and leave him. Women need someone they can turn to and trust to be by their side when they need them the most. If a man is constantly leaving his woman alone, whether it be for work or out with his friends, then it makes her question why she’s even with him. A woman doesn’t need a man who is clingy or overly attached. Instead, being there with her and present physically, more often than not, can make a world of a difference. It shows that a man cares and wants to spend time with the woman he loves.

4) Loneliness:
When a woman feels alone, in that she is not being supported or loved in the way she wants and needs to be, don’t expect her to stick around. Women need a man who is present not only physically, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. They crave a deeper connection that goes beyond the superficial. As such, when a relationship lacks meaningful conversation, love, and attention, then it lacks a reason for her to stay.

5) She Feels Taken for Granted:
Nothing kills the spark between a man and woman faster than a lack of communication. This often leads to women feeling as if they are not being truly acknowledged or supported, but rather taken for granted. Relationships are two-way streets and each person in them needs to pull their own weight. Men need to show they care and appreciate the woman in their life and it’s not very hard to do. Whether it’s helping with chores around the house, cooking, walking the dog, or anything else they can do to lend a helping hand, it will show they care and want to help support their partner.

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