Granny Is Cooking While Her Grandkids Secretly Film. When The Music Starts Her Dance Moves Are Epic.

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Lots of grandmothers know how to cook. They have been perfecting their secret recipes for years and their culinary creations often rival, and beat, anything a restaurant or professional chef puts out. There is just something extra special about our grandma’s food, it’s so comforting, probably because it’s made with love!

There’s no doubt that many of our grandma’s are capable of baking up a tasty feast that the whole family will most definitely enjoy, but how many of them can dance, cook, and move like the one in this awesome video? This granny knows how to get down!

Her name is Mama C and she was whipping up some food for her grandchildren when they caught her dancing up a storm in the kitchen. Maybe it was the song on the radio or having her grand-kids around that got her excited, or perhaps this is normal behavior for her, either way it’s awesome and you have to check out her dance moves!

She’s quite the mover and shaker as she boogies around the kitchen dancing to Vanilla Ice’s mega hit “Ice Ice Baby.” When she attempts to get one of her grandsons to join in and dance with her he declines and runs away to hide on the couch, what a baby! He needs to take some dance lessons from Mama C if he wants to impress the ladies down the line.

One little guy who isn’t so shy does manage to get a dance in with granny, the families adorable black dog! At first he stands there watching her, it’s as if he really wants to join in the festivities, before she picks him up and cuddles him around on the kitchen dance floor. He’s a good sport about it and the perfect dance partner.

If cooking were always this fun then we’d all be doing more of it! Check out Mama C breaking it down and you might even pick up a new move to try out sometime whenever the opportunity next arises! Don’t forget to share with friends and family because it’s the perfect video that will put anyone in a good mood. You can’t help but smile when you see it!

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