5 Ways People Who Are Mentally Strong Deal With Chronic Stress and Stressful Situations Effectively

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From the day we are born until the day we take our last breath, we are forced to deal with stress. It’s inevitable that our entire lives are marked by periods of strain and tension. While some stress is actually good and healthy for us, too much is bad and can lead to health problems.

If you’ve ever experienced the deeply unpleasant feelings, thoughts, and emotions of dread and unease over future situations or things beyond your control, then you have felt the heavy weight of stress dragging you down. Many cases of physical and mental burnout, depression, addiction, high blood pressure and other heart issues stem directly from elevated levels of chronic, out of control stress. In fact, recently the most common type of mental health illness in America was identified by The National Institute of Mental Health as anxiety disorders. Stress is what leads directly to anxiety and it’s often cited as thee number one trigger of people’s generalized anxiety.

If you can’t find a way to balance and deal with all the stuff that gets thrown your way then you could be headed towards a breaking point, if you haven’t already arrived there yet! Instead of allowing things to get out of control and continuing to suffer, there are techniques to properly deal with the daily stresses you come across. Here are some of the ways in which mentally strong people handle and compartmentalize stress. Check them out because some of these could really make a big difference in your life:

1. They Think Positively:
If you tell yourself you can do this or that you’ve got it, then you’re setting yourself up for success. Thinking positively puts you in the right mindset to tackle stressful things head on. When you do the opposite and think negatively, by telling yourself you can’t do something, then you’re essentially setting yourself up for failure before you’ve even given it a try. Telling yourself that you are strong, tough, and nothing can stop you will only help you to overcome what you need to in the end.

2. They Find A Solution:
Rather than just avoiding or running away from stressful events, interactions, or problems, mentally tough people will face it head on and work to eliminate it from their life. Depending on the source of your stress, this could mean a number of different things. You can work towards finding common ground with someone you don’t get along with or stop procrastinating over something know you have to get done but keep pushing off. Solving your issues means not having to deal with or think about them again!

3. They Anticipate Stressful Events:
Mental fortitude is partly built upon knowing that things in life don’t always go as expected and that because of this a back up plan may be necessary. By keeping your options open and being flexible you can get past the bumps and road blocks that pop up along the way, and thus avoid a lot of additional and unnecessary stress. Smooth sailing starts with anticipating the weather, as does a smooth journey in life means anticipating things and events beyond your control.

4. They Think Ahead Time-Wise And Plan Accordingly:
The majority of the daily stresses we encounter comes from balancing our schedules. When you have to be at work, a meeting, dinner, or school to pick up your kids at a certain time, plus do a million other things in-between, it can easily stress anyone out! When you find that you’re overloaded and stretched thin, it’s time to sit down and make a schedule. Allow yourself extra time in-between the places you have to go or things you have to do so that if you’re running late for whatever reason, it’s okay. Schedules help us keep track of all the major and minor things we have to get done and if you stick with them, your life will instantly be all the less stressful.

5. They Employ A Number Of Different Stress Management Techniques:
There are a variety of stress management tools and techniques that people use to help them alleviate stress. Some do yoga or meditate, take a walk, exercise, and just keep moving to stop them from becoming paralyzed by stress. Others make lists, brainstorm ideas, take a break from whatever it is that’s bothering them, talk it out with trusted friends and colleagues, or squeeze a good old fashioned stress-ball. There’s an endless amount of strategies and ways out there to help you overcome stress, you just need to try them out and see what works for you.

Check out the video below for some more stress management techniques

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