This Guy Set Up A Hidden Camera and Caught His Adorable Pup’s Early Morning Ritual.

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When a dog wants to wake their human up in the morning they usually do it in some sort of abrupt, sudden, rough type of fashion. Who can blame them, they’re often restless after a long night of sleeping and have to either go outside to use the bathroom or they know it’s time to eat soon. Others may simply be excited to see you, or want to play, and so they try their best to rouse you from your deep slumber!

While some dogs bark and whine until you give in, others will jump up on the bed and nuzzle you until you finally throw back the covers in defeat. Such is not the case for this dog. Instead of slobbering all over her owner she uses a calmer, quieter, more gradual sort of method.

Her name is Grey, which is short for The Grey Dog, and she is a pit bull alarm clock with an incredibly sweet and gentle demeanor. Every morning she starts her day off by walking over to the side of her owners bed where she sits down and lets out a couple of soft meows! At least that’s how her owner, YouTuber autoedit, described it when he wrote “She has this habit of meowing for attention in the morning…” According to him, she has a doggy door and can go outside as she pleases to use the bathroom or do whatever, so she really just wants some love and affection!

As you can see in the video, Grey’s dad set up a night vision camera to capture her adorable antics. At 4:57 AM she walks in and does her meow meows but it’s too early. Dad tells her to come back later, he needs a few more minutes of sleep. About fifteen minutes go by and she’s back at the bedside meowing for him to get up. However, she’ll have to keep waiting because daddy still needs more shut eye. Finally, at around 5:35 in the morning, she makes her third attempt to wake him up. This time she lets twenty minutes go by, so she was considerate and gave him the extra time he asked for, and it works because her dad gets up!

Grey’s delicate and very persistent style of rousing her dad is definitely one of the more calm and relaxed type of ways to go about doing it. Her well-timed meowing sessions are basically the canine equivalent of hitting the snooze button on an alarm clock! Check out the video to hear her “meowing” and share this with all the dog lovers you know who’d appreciate the adorable clip.

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