The 6 Most Common Dream Symbols You Need To Watch Out For and Shouldn’t Ever Ignore.

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We all dream, even though the vast majority of us don’t remember practically everything we dreamt about in the first place! You know the feeling, right when you wake up it’s all so vivid and real but half an hour passes by and suddenly you can’t recall any details.

The things we do remember dreaming about tend to really make an impression on our minds and stick with us. It often seems like the events or conversations really happened and genuinely affected our thoughts and feelings. Furthermore, many of the dreams we have and remember are actually quite common with lots of other people reporting that they too have experienced them. Over the years the most universal dreams have been thoroughly examined and their meanings interpreted and broken. If you’ve ever had one or more of the following types of dreams, here’s what they mean:

1. Teeth Falling Out
Losing your teeth signifies a lack of confidence. You have recently experienced some type of traumatic event in your life that has seriously and negatively affected your confidence. Teeth are symbols of strength, power, and authority. When we lack them or they fall out it means we’ve lost those attributes and our confidence.

2. Flying
Flying signifies freedom. You have finally disentangled yourself from some situation, person, relationship, or anything else that may have been weighing heavily on your life and mind recently. While experiencing weightless flight in a dream is symbolic of this liberation, at the same time it may also be a sign that you’re not in control of something in your life.

3. Test Taking
Being unprepared for an exam signifies self-evaluation. You are essentially examining and critiquing yourself. Sometimes what the test is about will tell you what part of your life you’re evaluating, but oftentimes you’re reflecting more generally on it all.

4. Falling
Falling signifies the fear of letting go. You have been desperately holding on way too tightly to something in your life that is simply not good for you. Whether it’s a person, a feeling, or a situation, you need to stop grasping for it and let go. Your subconscious realizes this before your conscious mind does, and this type of dream is it sending you the message.

5. Death
Dying signifies finality and the end of something. You likely harbor a deep desire to make a dramatic change in your life. It may be finding a new job, switching careers, dumping or divorcing your partner, and so on. By ending one thing you are then able to move on and start something new.

6. Chased
Being pursued and chased after signifies avoidance. You are not facing the problems and issues that demand your attention in real life. Because you have been avoiding them, they are now chasing you in your dreams. Sometimes the person chasing you is symbolic of the problems you need to deal with as well. Overall, this is the number one most commonly reported type of dream that people experience. It’s highly memorable, vivid, and oftentimes it’s so life-like that we wake up deeply shaken and affected by it. Face your problems and they nightmare will go away.

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