7 Vegetables You Only Need To Purchase One Time And Then You Can Grow Them Forever At Home.

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These days it seems that more and more people are opting to grow their own fresh food and produce. Rather than buying expensive organic products that are pesticide-free, they are choosing to garden and shop locally in their own back yards for fresh fruits and vegetables. With consumer awareness and health and safety concerns at an all time high, it makes sense to grow your own. Whether people do it to save money, or to know exactly how the food they’re feeding their families has been grown, it’s really the only way to be sure about the food we consume.

If you’ve ever wished that you could have a garden but just don’t have the room or a yard, or the resources or know-how, there is still hope. Simply make a mini-indoor garden, all you really need is a few pots or glasses and some food scraps. That’s it. This type of ‘urban-garden’ will cost you nothing, save you money, and it requires virtually zero plant or gardening expertise!

There are more than a few vegetables out there that you can pick or buy at the store, eat, and then re-grow all over again! Below are eight different herbs and vegetables that you can re-grow from your kitchen scraps and the accompanying video covers a few more so be sure to check them out. Try a few of these the next time you’re about to discard scraps in the trash or compost and get the most out of your food and money.


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Spring Onion- Cut a bunch approximately 4 inches above the roots and stick them in a glass of fresh water. Place it in a sunny window and change the water daily until the stalks have sprouted and grown tall again. After about 10 days you can re-plant it outside or keep it growing in water.


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Garlic- Take the larger cloves from piece of garlic and peel back the dried papery shell only on the end where it sprouts (refer to video for a clear look). Plant the cloves in a shallow, dirt-filled tray about half a foot apart with the peeled end facing up. In about two weeks time little green sprouts will appear and soon your garlic will be on its way to your plate!


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Carrots- You will have to buy carrots with the leafy tops still attached to re-grow these. Cut them so that at least two inches of orange carrot remain attached to the top part, and then place them in a shallow pan of fresh water.


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Basil- Snip a few shoots off a basil plant, but make sure they are at least 6 inches long and healthy. Place the cuttings in a glass of water and leave it in a sunny window. When they have doubled in size, re-plant them in a pot or garden and enjoy!


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Celery- Chop off the bottom 3 inches of a bunch of celery and place it root-side down in a shallow bowl of water. Place it in a sunny window, change the water daily, and after a few days it will begin to sprout. To allow for more root growth, remove the outer stalks and then plant it outside or in a pot.


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Romaine Lettuce- Take at least half a bunch of romaine lettuce and submerge it in water for several days. It will begin to re-grow immediately and soon after you can re-plant it outside or indoors.


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Coriander- Take a few cuttings and place the bottom of the stems in a glass of water. Change the water regularly and place the glass in a sunny window. After the roots have grown a bit, transplant into a pot, and watch it sprout and grow big.

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