9 Things A Real Gentleman Does That Other Men Won’t

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There is an art to being a truly honorable, polite, and respectful gentleman. One does not simply become one. It requires patience and virtue, as well as values and a desire to be the best that one can be. Many things make a gentleman. From the way he dresses, walks, and talks, to how he carries himself and his actions.

It’s that last aspect that speaks volumes about a person and no other factor is more important than a man’s behavior when determining how much of a real gentlemen he may be. After all, any guy can look the part but if he can’t back it up with meaningful actions and play it right, then he’s not as much of a gentleman as you’d like to believe.

Without further ado, here are some of the ways in which the modern gentleman of today acts. In addition, the accompanying video covers 50 things that every young gent should be in the know about. Check it out and pass it on to anyone you can think of who could use a little refresher course..

1. A gentleman is always on time. He doesn’t like to inconvenience anyone or keep them waiting and will always call ahead to let you know if he may be running late. In fact, he will likely arrive a good 10 minutes ahead of schedule to ensure he is where he needs to be on time.

2. A gentleman is always polite. Regardless of whatever situation they find themselves in, they’re never rude or obnoxious. Rather, they’re always in control and understanding of others.

3. A gentleman is discreet. He can be trusted with your secrets. All the things he is told in confidence stay safe and you can rest assured knowing that he won’t let a single detail slip out.

4. A gentleman does not gossip. He tells stories and engages in all sorts of interesting and intelligent conversations, but you’ll never find him talking idly or speaking ill of others.

5. A gentleman is clean. He has excellent personal hygiene, smells great, and always looks polished. He takes pride in his appearance and showers daily, which should come as no surprise!

6. A gentleman is well-spoken and never curses. He holds intelligent conversations devoid of swear words because he’s witty enough to get his point across without having to resort to such negative and offensive language.

7. A gentleman has respect. Whether it is for people, situations, elders, or authority, he is always mindful and respectful of them all. He treats everyone equally and the same and does not tolerate it when others are disrespectful, which leads to the next point:

8. A gentleman stands up for what is right and protects others. He is strong, unwavering, and quick to defend the people he loves or anyone else whom he believes has been wronged. After all, at the core of any true gentleman is courage and a deep desire to protect and defend.

9. A gentleman works hard and plays hard. He is social and enjoys going out with friends and having a good time. He also gives 110% towards his job and family but knows how to strike a balance and takes time out to relax and unwind.

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