If You Have An Annoying Cowlick In Your Hair It Could Actually Save Your Life

I’ve always worn bangs, in part because I have this annoying cowlick in the front of my hairline. Somehow it has helped me to manage the awkward angle of hair growth, that is always a challenge to hair styling.  Cowlicks just seem to have a mind of their own, that is oppositional to the way the rest of your hair grows..

Why is it called a cowlick you may ask?  Apparently when cows lick their calves, it causes the hair to swirl in an unruly manner, thus the coining of the term “cowlick” for unruly human hair.  They are extremely common; in fact Brad Pitt is famous for his.  Who would ever think that the frustrating cowlick would have an incredible silver lining…in fact a blessing in disguise.  Amazingly, a recent study has discovered that the genes linked to cowlicks may have THE POWER TO SAVE LIVES!

The researchers at Michigan State University have discovered that the “polarity genes” that are linked to cowlicks, may hold the key to finding a CURE FOR CANCER!  The video you are about to watch below goes into a deeper explanation of how polarity genes are vital for proper cell operation. The polarity genes also cause parts of the body to grow in oppositional patterns, such as the unruly hair growth in a cowlick.

So, what in the world does this have to do with fighting cancer?  Polarity genes are organized in the body by a protein that has been known to suppress certain tumors.  Strangely enough, the DNA of humans and fruit flies is almost identical, so the researchers at MSU used fruit flies to make the connection between the polarity gene protein and cowlicks.

Because of the genetic similarities between humans and fruit flies, these researchers will be able to test the theory that people who don’t have this protein or too little of it, puts them at risk, for their cells not being able to fight off the viruses which cause cancers.  Restoring this protein in patients lends hope to a new kind of chemotherapy which will lead to a much higher cure rate across many types of cancer.  The video below will help to connect all these dots, that may be a breakthrough discovery in the fight against cancer.

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