What Is The Actual Color Of Your Energy? Take The Test To Find Out.

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Most of us take colors for granted. They are inescapable and everywhere we look, even when we close our eyes we visualize and imagine things in color. Think about what the world would look like without all the shades of the rainbow, it’d be so different and muted. Nothing would stand out and everything would appear dull and drab.

Colors are what makes the world a beautiful, lively place and just as they influence everything around us, they also affect people. One way in which this occurs is with the energy that each of us give off and the frequency we vibrate at.

Every individual alive vibrates at a certain frequency which causes them to radiate their own beautiful colored energy. The shades that we glow at are connected to our auras in that they are both uniquely personal to each of us and can be read or interpreted by other people. In fact, there are all sorts of subtle ways in which the color of our own energy may end up affecting us. For example, other people’s perceptions of us are unconsciously influenced by the color that we give off. They can pick up on it and read the energy we’re radiating. This gives them an instant sense of who we are and while our behavior and personality matters the most in social interactions, our energy does too!

Regardless of whether or not you’re able to consciously pick up on the color of someone’s energy, it’s constantly present and it’s influencing our lives in ways which we cannot even begin to imagine. This calming, tranquil quiz which is composed of beautiful and relaxing images can help you figure out what color your energy is currently vibrating at! The pictures and choices included are each specifically designed to target your subconscious in order to draw out the colorful answer.

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