Guy Tries To Steal This Woman’s Phone In The Subway. He Proceeds To Get Instant Karma.

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There is a huge global underground market for stolen cell phones and the hottest model by far that thieves everywhere target is the iPhone. Most smart phone thefts involve snatch, grab, and run tactics that see people’s phones being taken out of their hands right in front of their faces. While the numbers have fallen off recently, a few years ago so many iPhones were being snatched that the crime earned its own special name, “Apple picking.”

This short video clip shows one Russian Apple picker in action when he was caught on closed-circuit television cameras trying to rob an unsuspecting stranger. He thought he had the perfect target in the young girl who was alone on her iPhone in the subway station. In classic fashion he walked up to her nonchalantly and then reached over and snatched her phone right out of her hands.

Instead of running away quickly, like he should have, the thief casually walked off as if he was in no hurry at all. This gave the girl a chance to react and she decided to go after the jerk who stole her iPhone! After hitting him in the back with her bag he spun around to face her. That’s when she wailed him again before kicking him between the legs, pummeling his head, and punching him square in the face. She didn’t stop there though and saved the best part for last when she delivered an impressive side kick to the thief’s face. The sheer force of the impact caused her to stumble backwards into the wall but she quickly recovered and bounced right back!

While the thief was writhing on the floor in pain and defeat, the girl gathered up her bag and phone and then got the heck out of there. While many commentators on YouTube claim that this video is a fake, just as many believe it to be authentic and completely real. One person wrote that the girl in it had some sort of defensive training, while others think the fighting looks to clean and staged. Real or not, the thief ended up getting his butt kicked and in the end justice prevailed.

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