Baby Elephant Tries Hard To Take A Bath On His Own. But Then His Mom Shows Up And Does THIS

Some kids love bath time, and others put up a fuss. The baby in the video you are about to watch below, is really into getting clean. He is doing everything in his power to get all of his 660 pounds into his small tub! This little guy is trying his absolute hardest to take the best bath ever.

The baby is one-year-old Navann, a baby elephant who is just adorable. He is so smart and patient in his endeavor to fit himself into the tub, that is a bit too confined for his frame. He works and works at it. At one point he has all 4 legs in and starts wetting himself with his trunk.

Navann wants to be completely immersed in the tub, but just can’t quite get all the parts under water. You will find yourself both giggling at his efforts and rooting him on, to keep on trying. Even though he looks too big for the tub, you have no idea how tiny he is until his mom arrives on the scene.

Clearly she’s not as patient as Navann…

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