Daddy Switches On The Vacuum Close To The Baby. Now Watch The Dogs Surprise Reaction!

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You are about to watch the most adorable “brother and sister”…well a puppy brother and his newborn baby human sister.  Both little babies and dogs hate the sound of vacuums and hair blowers, and other machines that emit those kind of noises. So together they can give each other the perfect amount of protection.

The scene opens, in the video below, in which a darling baby girl lays on her pink blanket, She’s waiting for a diaper change, and her white fur ball puppy brother is cuddling with her, resting his paw and head on her chest.  Too cute for words. Well, it only gets cuter.  I’m not sure if it’s the  carpet cleaning service man or dad who is there and turns on the machine.

The pup, who has wandered away from the baby hears the noise, which repeatedly goes on and off.  Watch to see the actions he takes to protect his baby sister, and maybe get some protection and himself, from the big bad orange machine!  He’s protecting his baby sister until this out of control monster is gone!…

Or is she protecting him?

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