THIS Lost Deer Is Walking On The Edge Of The Ocean. But Watch When THIS Giant Wave Comes In!

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The uniqueness of every creature on earth is part of the wondrous magnitude of life.  It is somewhat more obvious that human beings and domestic animals are products of both their genetics and environment, than with wild animals.

Although wild animals of a particular type, tend to live in similar environments, there are individual differences in their characters as well. This is well illustrated in the incredible footage you are about to view below.  We tend to see deer romping in the woods, so seeing a deer near the ocean is unusual in and of itself.

Watching this particular deer in this environment is nothing short of awesome. This beautiful, graceful animal first approaches this active body of water with some understandable timidity.  Within no time at all, it seems to comprehend the movement of the waves, and becomes a natural at riding the waves.

It bounds back and forth and through the exciting water as if the ocean was it’s natural environment. Captured by a filmmaker, Anthony Martin, this deer was filmed on the southwest coast of France; it seems that it actually is not uncommon to find deer living near a shoreline.

Maybe that explains this animal’s finesse in navigating the ocean’s waves.  One thing is for sure, the sheer joy in it’s encounter with this remarkable part of nature will make your day; it put a smile on my face and a feeling of wonder in my heart.

Enjoy the video below!

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