If You Are Driving Behind Someone And Notice Cargo/Snow On The Roof Move Away Or THIS Can Happen!

image via – youtube.com

The video you are about to watch is truly startling.  The driver in the footage, happened to have installed a dash cam in his car in case he was ever involved in an accident, and needed proof of what happened.

Jeffrey Cote was driving along on highway I-495 when out of nowhere he experienced a shock that he never thought would be caught on his dash cam.  He is lucky to be alive, after an ice sheet flew off the roof from an SUV in front of him, and slammed into his windshield.

You will actually see this occurring as it shatters his windshield into hundreds of pieces.  As he saw the ice sheet flying towards him he thought it was going to hit the ground in front of his car, never trying to avert the unexpected hit.

As he is being interviewed, Cote is still shaken but grateful that he hadn’t sustained serious injuries, although quite a bit of the “safety glass” did shatter onto him.  He talks about the importance of drivers taking the time to clean off snow and ice from all parts of their cars.

People often omit cleaning off their roof; it is clear from the following footage how potentially dangerous this can be.  In high speed driving it has the capacity to injure or kill other drivers on the road.

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