Animal Adopts THIS Unlikely Orphaned Baby. What They Look Like Years Later Is An Unexpected Surprise!

The depth of compassion that one animal has for another, when they come from different species,  never fails to amaze me.  The touching video you are about to watch below, tells the story of little Poncho the opossum, whose mom was killed by a car, when he was just a newborn.

Poncho was found by animal rescuers, as the tiny infant clung to his dead mother’s side, after she had been hit by the car.  In fragile condition, and an unlikely chance of survival, little Poncho was lucky to be found.  Receiving veterinary attention, he was nursed back to health, but the sweet little guy was still a motherless child…until Hantu came along.

A most unlikely surrogate mom, the white German Shepherd had never had pups of her own.  It seemed like her need to nurture met with Ponchu’s need for a mother figure, and a bond was formed.  Ponchu clung onto to Hantu’s side just as he had with his mother!  The two brought comfort and happiness to each other.

To this day, years later, they are still inseparable!  Though bigger, Poncho still clings to Hantu’s side as they take walks in the woods. This is truly a sight to behold.

You will find this footage of Ponchu and Hantu so heartwarming and simply adorable. It is an uplifting video that will make your day! Let us know how you feel about this unlikely interspecies relationship!

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