Teary-Eyed 3 Year Old Decided To Give Herself A Haircut. Her Reason Is Totally Priceless!

image via – youtube.com

Some children are more curious then others; they have an intrinsic desire to master the things they see adults doing in the world that fascinate them.  You never want to squelch your child’s curiosity and their desire to learn through doing, but sometimes that can be problematic!

One of my daughters had a fascination with haircutting from a very early age; one day I came into her room and found all her Barbies had been to the “Hayley salon”; they had quite the look!  That was okay until she came to believe she had perfected her craft and was ready to work on her own head…Yikes!

The video you are about to watch below invites us into little three-year-old Ansleigh’s world of experimentation.  She also has had a fascination with haircutting and was unable to contain her ambitions for this dream career!  When dad discovers what she has done, the conversation between them is priceless!

You don’t want to miss this hilarious and charming interaction between dad and Ansleigh; they are both intent on expressing their point of view about the situation.  If Ansleigh doesn’t become a hairstylist, she definitely has a future as a lawyer!

Enjoy the video below!

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