Apparently THIS Is How You Can Boost Your Wifi Signal Using A Beer Can. I’m So Glad I Learned THIS

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There is nothing more annoying than going to the other side of your house, and losing your WiFi connection, or having to constantly reboot your device every time you get further away from your router. I, personally, have been really irritated with this occurrence after spending money on a supposed WiFi booster.

There is still some mystique around the workings of a WiFi signal, despite the fact that it works exactly the same way that our cell phones and TV do…through radio waves. The video you are about to watch below is one of the coolest and most useful DIYs I’ve come across to date!

Not only does it explain in an easy to digest way, how information from the internet gets converted into a radio signal that allows us to access it on our devices, but provides a HACK to boost your WiFi with ZERO COST!

All you will need, for this easy-to-follow tutorial, is 1 or 2 empty beer or soda cans, a scissor or knife and some sticky “blue tack”. I’m not the handiest person in the world, and this was actually simple to do!! Best of all, after placing this over the antennas of my router, VOILA!

The signal away from the router was amplified so well, that all my devices get the same strength of WiFi connection, no matter where I am in my house!

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