Watch This Cat Have His Daily Morning Conversation With This Baby

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Babies love to babble and make adorable noises. What, if anything, they may be trying to actually say is anyone’s guess because the sounds that come out of them are usually impossible to understand! In a similar sense the same goes for cats and the different meows, growls, purrs, and chirps they make. There’s no real way to truly interpret the meanings behind them.

While grown ups may be in the dark when it comes to what their pets and infant children are voicing, that doesn’t stop the two different species from having a little chit chat every now and then. Nothing could be more adorable than a baby and kitty have a full on interspecies chat!

A YouTube user named Lenny noticed that his young baby daughter and the family tabby cat were always having their own full length conversations. He captured one of their interactions on video to preserve the memory and thankfully shared the interesting and adorable clip online.

According to Lenny this doesn’t occur randomly, instead his daughter and the cat hold mini conversations regularly. Every day the pair happily babble back and forth, just like how you see them here in the video. They seem to get lost in their strange conversation and are oblivious to the world around them.

What’s most surprising about this clip is that the adorable tabby actually seems to understand exactly what the little girl is saying. The cat responds to her in kind with soft meows, making it seem as if they’re really engaged in an intelligible conversation. The kitty also stays close by Lenny’s daughter rather than walk off or stop replying, and follows her around as if it wants to keep chatting with her!

Check out the adorable pair to see just how cute and sweet their mini-conversation is. You’re guaranteed to smile and will really enjoy this short video if you happen to love both cats and babies!

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Our Second Kitty Story Features a Brave Cat Who Snuck Into The Bear Exhibit In The Zoo and soon instead of disaster ensuing they would became the most unlikely of friends..

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Bears and cats seem like they’d be natural enemies rather than natural friends. Based on size alone, any bear easily dwarfs a cat and while they both have claws, a bear claw can be anywhere from 1-4 inches long. If the two were to meet in the wild, one would assume the cat would run away while the bear would either pay the cat no mind or possibly chase after it. But as with most things in life, things usually don’t turn out how you would think they should..

When a little black cat wandered into Mauschen’s, an Asiatic bear, enclosure at the Berlin Zoo, everyone was naturally very concerned for the kitty’s health and wellness. The cat, named Muschi, was spotted sitting up in a tree sitting on a branch inside the bear’s habitat by an employee who went in to feed her. Soon zoo visitors noticed Muschi as well and it was only a matter of time before Mauschen caught wind of the little cat’s presence.

Everyone looked on helplessly when the 800 pound bear slowly began to make her way towards the tiny little cat. When Mauschen was close, the cat suddenly jumped down from the tree. What happened next defied the laws of nature and everyone’s assumptions about bears and cats, instead of attacking the kitty, Mauschen appeared to have welcomed her as a new friend!

The two furry black animals quickly became best friends and formed a very close relationship. For the next seven years they were never far from one another, so when the zoo decided to expand Mauschen’s enclosure and had to separate them, they didn’t take it lightly.

Zookeepers had to keep the cat out because other bears were being brought in and they might not like having her around. However, it soon became apparent that the best friends were not handling their forced separation well.

All night long Muschi would cry outside the bear enclosure and both animal’s health declined. They were depressed and it was heartbreaking to see how visibly upset they were. Rather than risk stressing them anymore, the animal odd-couple were reunited and free to live together again in Mauschen’s newly renovated enclosure. They quickly went right back to their old ways and were playing and cuddling in no time at all.

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Our Third Feline Story Features a Man Who Just Completed The Job Of Installing a Cat Door. The Cat Decides However Has Other Plans and Opens The Door The Old Fashioned Way Like a Human.

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It’s a well known fact that cats are hard to please. They can be quite finicky at times, especially when they come across something new. They often have to sniff out and inspect everything that catches their kitty eye and quickly make up their minds in regards to whether they accept or reject whatever it is they’re scoping out! Honestly cats will probably remain a mystery till the end of time. The way in which the feline mind works is in my opinion something humans will never truly understand or comprehend.

This picky and choosiness has left countless feline owners frustrated and more than just a little bit exasperated! Lots of cat lovers have gone to extreme lengths in all but vain attempts to please and accommodate their fur babies. In the end it never really matters what you may assume or think they’d enjoy, it ultimately comes down to what kitty decides..

One man lost sight of this feline quirk and his cat named Philo reminded him of it in such a way that only a cute little kitty can! Brian had picked up a cat door at the store in the hopes that his little buddy’s life would be made easier and happier from it. Philo absolutely loves to go outdoors and roam around so one would think the easy access to the outside and having his own door would be something he’d welcome. So his owner purchased a cat flap and set about installing it.

After gathering all his tools, and cutting a hole in his door to properly install it, Brian was finally done a couple hours later. He was excited about the new pet flap and made sure to grab both his camera and the cat so that he could capture Philo’s reaction upon seeing it for the first time. As Philo makes his way towards the new opening Brian enthusiastically urges him to try it out.

As the cat nears the door he barely even glances at the new flap. You’d think he’d at least check it out and sniff around or paw at it but he he doesn’t, it’s like he could care less about the darn thing! Instead, Philo decides to use the actual door rather than his new cat door. The clever kitty stands up and balances on his hind legs then uses his front paws to pull down on the handle and crack open the door. Moments later he’s inside the house, leaving Brian behind wearing what’s most likely a look of disbelief on his face!

It appears that Philo never even needed his own door to begin with because he already knows how to open the actual door all by himself! Dad made the all too common mistake that cat owners are prone to, he failed to properly anticipate whether or not his cat would actually like or use the cat door. The only thing that makes all his hard work and the time and money he spent on the cat flap worth it is that if the door is ever locked, Philo can use his new cat door.

In the end, some cats are simply hard to impress. Note: If Video Doesn’t Play On Mobile Device, Tablet or iPad Turn Device Horizontal!

Watch the video below and as always enjoy:

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