Pup Is Watching a Scary Movie. But Watch His Hysterical Reaction When The Scary Part Starts!

Watching a scary movie is hit or miss for most of us. You either love scaring yourself and cannot get enough of the thrills and chills that come from watching the flicks, or you avoid them at all costs because you suffer from nightmares and find the viewing experience traumatic!

Judging by one adorable Jack Russel Terrier’s reaction to a horror flick, the aforementioned sentiment appears to be true for dogs as well. The sweet little guy in the video is named Maylo and when his owner recently sat down to watch The Conjuring he jumped up on the couch alongside him to check out the movie.

At first Maylo seems to be really into the supernatural thriller, even somewhat captivated by what he’s watching. He can be seen staring at the television screen sitting propped up on his front paws with his rear legs splayed out behind him. He doesn’t move an inch as the camera pans from the screen to him and back to the TV, so we can follow what he’s seeing. When the camera returns to Maylo he hasn’t moved an inch, his focus is unwavering.

As the movie approaches one of the scariest parts, the camera focuses back on the screen for a few seconds. All of a sudden a beastly roar pierces the air and a hideous, demonic looking woman’s face appears out of nowhere. The shot is close-up and we see the frightful figure in all of her grotesque detail. The next time we see Maylo he’s hiding behind the couch pillows with his head lowered so he doesn’t have to look at the TV and see the scary lady anymore!!

The poor puppy was so spooked that he jumped up and even though his owner is laughing, he keeps on cowering, as if he’s unsure about whether or not the freaky lady is gone! Maylo’s reaction is too cute and proof that dogs can get sucked in and frightened by horror movies just like the rest of us. Check him out and stop by his Instagram page for more, @iammaylo, he is quite the intrepid sweetheart!

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