Apparently I’ve been Cooking Pasta Wrong This Entire Time. How Did I Not Know About This Earlier?

Even people who are not culinary aces know how to make pasta in the centuries old traditional manner. Most everyone starts the process off by putting a fair amount of water into a big pot. Some even add a couple of shakes of salt or a drop of olive oil to the water.

Then the pot is placed on the burner and heated until the water begins to boil, at which point the pasta is dropped into it and cooked until done. The problem with this way of cooking is that the pasta tends to stick together in mushy clumps that are unappetizing.

However, there is a better and more efficient way to properly whip up a delicious batch of the family favorite food. Cooking pasta with this alternative method eliminates the all too common problem of it sticking together in blobs, and instead leaves you with perfectly prepared noodles that everyone will actually want to dig into. It involves using less water and swapping out the bulky metal pot with a frying pan.

Start by placing the pasta in a large frying pan. Pour about a quart and a half of cold water in the pan and over the pasta. Turn on the stove and cook until the desired consistency is met. If you prefer al dente pasta, or a slightly firmer texture, less time is needed. You should end up with perfectly cooked pasta that lacks any clumpy stuck together pieces, because the cold water was added to the pasta before it began to cook.

You also will have a thick, dense liquid leftover from the water than remains. This can be used to make a variety of different sauces with and gives you further use of the leftover water that most people simply throw out. Check it out and share with others so that you’ll never have to endure lumpy pasta again!

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