I Have Never Heard A Goat Make A Sound Like THIS. I Can’t Stop Laughing

There has been a recent surge in goat videos online which feature goats yelling and sounding remarkably human-like while doing so. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before a compilation of the newest and best goat yellers was assembled for audiences to enjoy.

YouTube channel RSVLTS uploaded a fantastic short clip that enables us to easily watch all the hilarious sights and sounds in one awesome ‘super cut compilation.’ Honestly, some of these goats sound more human than people I know when they yell.

No one knows why some goats sound so much like humans. Plus, not all goats are able to make noises and sounds that seem to be coming from a person. Each goat has a specific, individual, and distinctive voice that is all its own. Some just happen to have voices that resemble humans and those make for funny, cute, and entertaining videos.

Apparently, goats yell all the time and for many different reasons, just like us human people do. If a mother and her baby get separated she will call out to locate the kid and vice versa. When goats get hungry they will get loud and let you know that they want to be fed as soon as possible.

They scream and yell even if they aren’t hungry or lost, they can get riled up by simply handling them. Basically, goats behave very similarly to young children and are just as, if not more, cute.

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