Apparently I’ve Been Slicing Watermelon Wrong For My Entire Life! I’m So Glad I Learned THIS

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Summer is around the corner, and with it most everyone’s favorite fruit, WATERMELON.  Delicious as it is, there is a really annoying downside to the ‘BIG W’…it is messy in every way possible.  I often beg my husband not to buy whole watermelons (which he inevitably does anyway), because of how hard it is to cut and store.

Another problem with the cutting of this unwieldy fruit, is that so much seems to be wasted and uneaten, given the difficulty in cutting it.  So, when I came across the video you are about to watch below, that claimed to offer an innovative solution to all the inherent problems of slicing this large fruit, I was intrigued.

In less than two minutes, all of you watermelon lovers out there, will have a life-changing moment.  It’s the kind of solution that I would never have come up with on my own, but am grateful to have learned. His cutting technique has several steps in slicing, each one making the pieces incrementally smaller, until the grand finale.

You, your family and guests will be served holdable slices of watermelon, without slobbering all over the place, which makes this summer ritual all the more enjoyable.  An extra bonus is that this cutting technique leaves you with almost no clean-up!

Watch the video tutorial below and enjoy! 🙂

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