THIS Is Not A Picture Of A Man. When You Zoom In You Will See Whats Hidden In There!

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We are privy to so many creative things through our access to the internet…things that we probably would never have the chance to see. Occasionally I see something so unbelievably out of the realm of anything I could ever imagine, that I am left completely in awe.

What is so wonderful about what you are about to view in the video below, is not only the final masterpiece, but the actual process that was taken to arrive there. An artist from the Ukraine, Zenyk Palahniuk, came to his canvas with only a pencil, hammer, thread and nails.

After conceiving what he was to embark upon, he painstakingly spent over 200 hours (the equivalent of 8 days) to complete this incredible piece of art. His entire process from start to finish is captured in this sped up footage, in which Zenyk hammered approximately 13,000 nails connected by 15 miles of thread.

Such genius of conception and the beauty of his finished masterwork is truly mind-boggling. It is proof positive of the uniqueness of artistic intelligence meeting the joy of creation.

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