They Ask Their Dog To Speak Multiple Languages. His Response Is PRICELESS!

There’s nothing cuter than a dog seemingly talking back to his humans, except a dog talking back in different languages?! It’s the ultimate in the “man’s best friend” scenario. The charm of the banter is just delightful. This trio is definitely one of a kind and more importantly they are internet gold. Get ready for one of the most entertaining videos I’ve seen all year!

In this video, Junior, a French bulldog rides along in the car cozily between his two owners who talk to him in English, French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Their facial expressions as the dog talks back make for priceless “conversation”.

Enjoy this video of the comical trio riding along in the harmony of their international exchanges. It’s really clever and engaging. Some people just have that ability to find a creative edge to a scenario that just comes more alive with this twist.

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