Patrick Swayze And His Wife Danced 21 Years Ago Bringing Millions Of People To Tears.

Some dancers have the ability to dance as a pair with beauty and grace.  When you mix such talent with a deep passionate love of dance and each other, you have the privilege of watching Patrick Swayze and his wife Lisa Nieme.  The year was 1994.  It was a few years after Patrick Swayze’s amazing breakthrough performance in “Dirty Dancing” that had everyone swooning.

This dance occurred at the World Music Awards, broadcast on international TV.  It was their debut, dancing for such a vast audience.  As a salute to Whitney Houston, their duet was danced to the song “All the Man That I Need”.

Their love was palpable, as their fluid movement graced the stage.  Theirs, was a 34-year-old love story and marriage that lasted until Swayze’s untimely death, in 2009, from pancreatic cancer.   Knowing that this loving and talented man is gone makes watching this video all the more powerful and poignant.

As the audience bursts into applause at the end of this masterpiece, you can see the late Whitney Houston clapping wildly at the end of their performance.  Watch and enjoy talent and an amazing moment that with live forever!

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