Cute Little Baby Poops Her Pants. Now Watch The Pup’s Face When He Notices.

If you are a parent and a pet owner then you know how important it is to make sure that both your newborn baby, and your fur baby, get along well together. That often means that once the crucial first meeting and introduction are over, it’s time for some supervised bonding moments. Pets who live and share a house with babies need to be comfortable with them.

Over time animals eventually grow accustomed to the new child, and to all the different sights, sounds, and smells they create. Just like how everything in the world is new to a baby, everything about a baby is new to your pet. It is very important to keep a close eye during these crucial first couple of times a baby and a pet begin to figure each other out. Sometimes it works out well and other times, not so much.

Sometimes those new things can be scary and frightening to both of them. The first time a baby hears a dog bark must be strange and disconcerting. The same goes for the first time a dog hears a baby cry. They say you should face your fears head on and stare whatever it is that scares you in the face, but that advice doesn’t work for every situation, especially this one!

One mother who had recently brought home her young child was filming a special moment between the youngster, named Hollis, and the family dog, Max. The two were set up on a chair, with the baby propped up and resting snugly against Max’s tail end. The black and white dog was sleeping peacefully with eyes closed and the child was gently fussing about. In the background the woman makes a remark about how it looks like baby Hollis is about to go poo poo.

She reaches over to pet Max, while encouraging the child to get it out. A few seconds later, Hollis gets it out, and in doing so releases a loud fart. Poor Max is startled awake by the sudden strange noise, and looks over at the baby to investigate what just woke him from his rest. Turning his nose towards the baby proves to be a bad move, as he is likely greeted with the offensive poo poo smells. The only thing left for him to do is run away, which he does in a split second, leaping off the chair to freedom and fresh air.

That may have been Max’s first baby experience of the sort, and he is likely a lot more used to it by now. One of the best things about this short clip is that it shows the little things that babies and animals do which make them so special and endearing to us. All the ups and downs, lessons we learn from them, and the awesome memories they share and create, make us better people in the end.

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