43 Japanese Men Throw A Coin In The Air At The Same Time. The End Result Is Mind Blowing!

There are many strange and quirky things that people dream up, and some of those ideas eventually see daylight. The feat accomplished in this video clip is a prime example of one of the concepts that made it. The clip was uploaded to YouTube on the Japanese beverage company Suntory’s channel as a promotion for an energy drink they make called Schuchu Regain.

It appears that the events depicted in the video are for the sole purpose of promoting the brand and drink. Either way, the results are pure entertainment that makes you think, “wow!” and “how many takes did it take for them to get the perfect shot?”

The masterpiece is titled “The Extreme Minuet” since it is a partial performance of one of musical genius Mozart’s minuets. A total of 43 people were arranged standing in an arc formation directly across from 43 corresponding beakers.

Each glass beaker was filled with a very specific amount of colored water in order to create a musical note whenever a coin was tossed into it. In the beginning of the clip some math-related images are shown, as well as computer visuals which hints that there was a lot of planning and thought put into this event.

Also, each of the 43 performers had an electrode attached to the inside forearm of their coin throwing arms, which were presumably there to help control and time the tosses perfectly. A piano tune leads up to the big toss and right after a certain note the first man throws his coin, then the rest of the performers immediately let their coins fly.

The visual of all the arms going up for the toss is just as cool as the sight of the coins landing perfectly into the beakers just fractions of a second apart from one another. At full speed it only takes about 2 seconds for them to all complete the coin toss, and only when it is slowed down do you really get to see how amazing it all is.

The musical notes created by each beaker end up playing the “Minuet” and there is a reason behind this choice of music. There have been studies conducted that found listening to Mozart can help improve overall focus, concentration, and make you smarter.

These findings are now known as “the Mozart effect” and the energy drink makers wanted to link their product with those properties. The video is a clever marketing illustration of how Suntory’s energy drink can make consumers concentrate on a higher level than ever before.

In the end, this neat project may just qualify for some sort of Guinness World Record. It’s very creative and a lot more complex than I ever imagined when I first saw it. There really is more than meets the eye with this stellar performance!

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