He Pushes A Nail Through A Candle And Rests It On 2 Cups. When He Lights It An Unexpected Surprise!

There is something about fire that grabs our attention and imagination. Humans have been transfixed by dancing orange and blue flames ever since the dawn of our time here on Earth. Nothing quite rivals the awesomeness of the strange and wonderful things that people have conjured up involving fire, whether it’s fire breathing or fire walking.

There are lots of other neat and amazing things you can do with fire, and this video will show you how to go about doing some of them. The video shows you exactly what you need to perform 10 different tricks that are guaranteed to both mystify and impress people. They are part magic, part science, and totally awesome.

In terms of ease of performance, the levels range from incredibly easy to more advanced, so there is something for everyone. Performing any one of these tricks will definitely leave a lasting impression on an audience and spark an opportunity for some great conversation.

Personally, my favorite is number 10 when you get to see what happens when steel wool is set alight. It looks so pretty and wild all at once, but it makes me wonder if it smells horrible. I’m definitely going to try a few of these tonight. Check out the video and see which one you like best.

Also, before you attempt to try any of these at home, make sure you use extreme caution at all times. Do not let children try these and supervise kids around fire and open flames. It’s always a good idea to have a fire extinguisher nearby, or a hose and water at the ready, because the last thing you want to end up happening is your house burning down.

And while the saying “don’t play with fire” is good advice, these tricks can easily be done safely if you exercise appropriate caution and supervise the flame at all times. Have some fun and only do this under supervision! Enjoy these awesome fire tricks!

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