This Baby Almost Died Because She Was Kissed. The Reason Is So Scary!

The information contained in this video could save the lives of countless children around the world. If you know anyone with an infant or happen to be a parent yourself, you will be shocked to find out what happened to poor little Brooke when she was kissed by a stranger.

There was nothing about the stranger’s physical appearance that would have indicated a possible infection, and his skin and lips were clean and clear. But there was an unwelcome guest hiding just beneath the surface.┬áIt was the herpes virus, and it was able to leap from its host to Brooke, quickly overwhelming her fledgling immune system.

At her young age, her body hadn’t had the time required to build defences strong enough to fight such a powerful foe. The virus does not launch the full attack right away, but can sometimes remain in the system for months after the initial exposure before it wages war on the body.

Fortunately, after receiving excellent care at a local hospital, Brooke made a full recovery and is now happily back at home. Unfortunately, the virus will never leave her system, and she will have herpes for the rest of her life. Please pass this on to all your friends and family so that babies everywhere can be kept safe from this potential threat.

Through social media, we can work together to use knowledge and education to fight the spread of preventable disease. Help be a part of the perfect cure of prevention!

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