Mama Put A Hidden Camera In This Room. THIS Is What The Camera Caught The Dog Doing To The Baby!

When parents bring a newborn home for the first time it can be exciting and overwhelming, especially when it’s time for the new baby to meet the fur babies in the house. The initial introduction is crucial and it’s important to make sure that babies and pets get along well together.

Pets who live and share a house with babies need to be comfortable with them and supervised bonding moments are one of the best ways to acclimate animals to babies. Sometimes parents are apprehensive and unsure about how their dog will react to a new baby.

Scott Moore and his wife thought that it would be best to keep their newborn and Beagle apart for a couple of months before the two met face to face. They wanted the dog to be used to the new living situation it was suddenly thrust into, and adjusted to all the different sights, smells, and sounds that come with a baby.

When the time came for the pair to finally meet, it was love at first sight. The adorable dog first sniffed the baby, then walked off a few steps and plopped on his back with his paws up in the air. As the baby started to crawl towards the dog he flopped back over, wagged his tail, and wiggled closer to the child.

The beagle was sweet and submissive as he got down low on the babies level and lowered his head so the kid could touch and pet him. It’s clear from watching this that the dog is accepting and loving towards his new friend as he gently snuggles and licks the months old baby, all the while being very careful and never rough around it. Any parent would love to see this ideal type of interaction between a baby and the family pet!

Parents can help foster such a relationship, so long as they prepare and plan for the eventual meeting. From a dog’s perspective a new baby in the house is life altering, the family routine becomes strikingly different, and less attention is paid to pets since newborns require constant care.

There are several important ways to prepare and introduce family dog(s) to babies that can make the transition easier for everyone involved. Below are some key points on what you can do, but keep in mind that there are additional tips and suggestions that can further help guide you, and put your mind at ease.

First, the dog needs to be taught, and know well, basic social skills on how to safely interact with people. Obedience training is key if you want your pet to truly listen and follow your commands. At the first meeting between a dog and newborn choose a calm, quiet room and try to eliminate as many distractions as possible.

Always hold the baby and supervise the interaction; never let a dog be alone with an unfamiliar baby. Always avoid scolding or yelling at the dog because they will negatively associate it with the child. Instead, reward them for good behavior, speak gently and try to relax as much as possible.

Dogs take cues from their owners and can pick up on subtle emotions. Once you get a feel for the situation, guide it from there. Even if the pair don’t hit it off right away stay positive, because getting used to changes and new people often takes time.

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