Baby Begins Crying For Help. What They Caught On Camera Next Is An Unexpected Surprise!

When it comes to emotional bonds, there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love for her child. Moms will do anything to make their children happy and keep them safe. Sometimes it’s like they have a 6th sense for knowing what their kids are up to and how they are feeling.

This isn’t just limited to human mothers, it can be seen in actions and behaviors across practically every animal species all around the world. Take for example fruit bats. When one mother fruit bat somehow became separated from her baby she vigilantly kept up her search for the poor youngster.

Luckily, a local Singaporean animal charity called ACRES came across the stranded baby and helped it out. The youngster had been lost and on its own for at least 2 hours and the group believed that its mother was still close by and around somewhere.

They moved the tiny bat to an open, outdoor, protected place where its mother could more easily locate it, and then stepped back and waited for her to come. The group was correct in their assumption and the lost bats mother came very quickly once they relocated it.

Bats are blind and so the mother had to rely on the babies cries to locate it, and this mother took just a minute or two to track it down. In the clip you can see the adorable tiny bat crying out for help and its mother, then moments later she swoops down and envelops her baby in her wings.

The pair maneuver around and it looks like the youngster is having trouble flying. That’s when mom rolls over and hooks her baby onto her, then she takes off and the pair fly away into the night! The poor mother fruit bat was probably worried sick about the lost baby and was looking for it the whole time during the two hours they were apart.

It all makes for a wonderful story, complete with a happy, feel-good ending. The video is further testament to the undeniable love and connection between mothers and their babies. Watch the video below and enjoy the wonders of nature!

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