Pregnant Mom Turns On Music And Touches Her Belly. When She Lifts Her Hand An Unexpected Surprise!

The very first time you feel your baby move inside your womb is both wondrous and exciting. It is like no other feeling a first-time mom has ever experienced.  The sensation of those little kicks never get old.  They continue to be wonderful throughout each pregnancy, intensifying the bond that begins building, between mother and child, before birth.

However, the first time experience is nothing short of magical. The magical moments of her baby’s movement were so lively, that this new mom felt she had to record the child’s wavelike dance for posterity.  The resulting video you are about to watch is just delightful.

It makes me wish I had recorded the movements of my children in utero.  I still sometimes imagine those sensations, and remember how alive it made me feel. Watching the activity of this baby is both awesome and makes you giggle.  The new mother is 33 weeks into her pregnancy as she records this crazy amount of movement.

The video is set to a cute child’s song about fingers and toes…It seemed like the mom was quietly chuckling. She was so lucky to capture this little dancer’s moves, that one day she will share with her offspring.

The sensation of your baby’s movements inside of you is exhilarating for the new mom, but let’s not forget the dad’s delight as he places his hand to feel those knees and elbows dancing around!  It brings the anticipation and reality of the miracle that is about to enter both parents’ world to life!

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