Baby Has Never Seen Dad Without a Beard. Now Watch When She Sees His Face Shaved For The First Time.

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Beards, mustaches, and other styles of facial hair have long been used as a means of disguise. Hair can easily be dyed, re-shaped, grown out, or shaved off and you don’t need to be a professional to switch it up. Either which way has the ability to drastically alter a person’s appearance in a relatively short amount of time.

In fact, facial hair transformation has always been one of the go-to tools for many criminals throughout history on the run. It’s an unspoken rule that when you’re trying to evade capture and recognition, you adopt a different appearance! While being on the lam is one reason to shave or not to shave, there’s also many additional reasons for choosing to do so.

For one young father in San Antonio, Texas, his reasons for shaving his beard were not criminally related. Rather, he decided to make the big change because he had an upcoming job interview and thought it was best that he appeared clean shaven. However, before he got rid of his impressive beard, he decided to see how his 7-month daughter would react.

Footage of the two playing peekaboo before he shaved shows the adorable little girl, Anistyn Claire, laughing and smiling at her dad who’s hiding his face behind a fuzzy brown blanket. The clip then skips to them playing the same peekaboo game after he shaved, but her has yet to reveal his full face to Anistyn Claire.

When he finally drops the blanket and his baby girl catches her first glimpse of his bare, hair-free face, she doesn’t know what to do or how to feel about it! Shaving changed his appearance so much that she seems to not even recognize him anymore and the expressions that cross her face range from confused to scared. Soon after, she falls forward, drops her head, and tries her best to avoid eye contact with her dad who’s suddenly become a stranger to her!

Dad tries his best to comfort and reassure his baby girl that it’s okay, but it proves to be a little too much for poor Anistyn Claire and she starts to cry. Her reaction is adorable and she’ll grow accustomed to her father’s new appearance in no time at all. Dad will also get used to it, but it may take him a little longer than his baby. In the background you can hear his wife commenting that “daddy probably wants to cry about it too!” The poor guy just can’t catch a break with the two leading ladies in his life, check it out and enjoy!

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