Baby Tells His Mom That Someone Is Speaking To Him At Night. Then Mom Discovers The Terrifying Truth

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You would think that having a baby monitor, that has a camera, would make life easier for parents of young children.  Not so, says the parents of a 3-year-old boy in Washington.  The little boy kept complaining that some stranger was talking to him through the monitoring device.

His parents, Jay and Sarah, were confused about what he could be talking about.  Soon their confusion turned to horror as they discovered that their toddler was being spied on by a stranger who had hacked the monitor!

CBS News reported on this in the upcoming video, where you will actually hear the intruder speaking in a really creepy way to this scared child.

Sarah discovered this when she walked into her son’s room and heard a voice say, “wake up little boy, daddy’s looking for you”.  Later on,  Jay heard the same voice coming from the monitor continue, “look someone’s coming”, as Sarah entered the room.

Needless to say, both parents were alarmed and became more frightened when they noticed that the night-vision lens was being controlled by someone to follow their movements.  They immediately contacted the manufacturer of the monitor, Foscam, who informed them that it was more than likely someone had hacked their monitor using a smartphone app or computer.

They have shared this terrifying experience anonymously, to alert other parents of this danger.  CBS News confirmed, that due to the fact that monitors come equipped with internet and smartphone connectivity, this type of crime is occurring more and more frequently.

Watch the video for further description of this incident, and what is recommended to keep hackers from being able to access your baby monitor.

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