Baby Was Too Young To Tell His Parents The Babysitter Was Hurting Him. So His Dog Decided To Do THIS

After moving, Benjamin and Hope Jordan needed to find a new babysitter for their baby boy Finn.  After doing a thorough background check they hired someone who had no negative history and felt that she would be a good fit. The babysitter was left to care for Finn and their dog Killian on a regular basis.  After about five months into her employment, the Jordans noticed Killian becoming very protective and growling whenever the babysitter would arrive.

They actually had to restrain the dog from becoming physically aggressive towards her, on several occasions.  As the dog’s defensive behavior increased, the Jordans became suspicious that something might be seriously wrong. Finn, being seven months old, couldn’t verbalize, and they felt that the dog was clearly alerting them.  They decided to leave an iPhone recording the audio, under the couch, while they were gone.

What you will hear on this video was alarming.  At first they heard her talking to the baby in a very angry and suspicious way, and then heard things getting physical as Finn’s crying escalated. They went straight to the police to report the what they heard.

This dog clearly was the hero of this tale, and thank goodness the Jordans didn’t ignore his behavior.  However, what could have happened to baby Finn, had they not owned a dog, could have had a far more devastating ending.  The babysitter was arrested and the boy was safe. It probably is a good idea to set up a “nanny cam” when you leave a child with any babysitter, to ensure the safety and well-being of the little ones who need our protection.  This video certainly provides a cautionary story.

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