She Begins To Draw A Line Across Her Cheek. But When She’s Done It’s The Most Unexpected Surprise!

Over the years more and more adults have really gotten into the whole costume extravaganza.  Each year so much money is spent on costumes to outdo what you came up with the year before.  This woman who does this makeup tutorial to create creepy, trippy illusions is just amazing!

What she can teach you to do is not only amazing, but can save you a lot of money. Today’s tutorial is on how to create a creepy mouth.  Clearly she is a makeup artist, and is brilliant at what she does, but she illustrates each step to really make it doable, for those of us who may not be as artistic.

Get ready for her latest innovative makeup illusion, that will leave you astounded and wanting to give it a try. If you are able to recreate this creepy, sexy look, you can be sure that you will really stand out as unique at any costume party!

This is one of my favorite ones that I have seen on the internet.  Step-by-step she will show you how to create this sexy creepy mouth to perfection.  She adds a purple wig at the end and, Voila!  This is really one of the most creative make-up images I have ever seen!

You will definitely be a hit at your next costume party if you can pull this off. Watching her create this face is really magical!

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