This Guy’s Wife Gives Him An Apple Watch Box. But What’s Actually Inside Brings Him To Tears!

Lots of guys would be really excited if their wife surprised them with the latest Apple technology of some kind. The husband in the video you are about to watch, a big muscular guy with huge tattoos, is told by his really sweet-sounding wife to cover his eyes.

She wants to surprise him with something, and emphatically stresses that he promise not to peek. She tells him that what she is about to hand him has been hiding in plain site for some time. When she hands him a long thin box marked Apple, he excitedly asks if it’s the Apple Watch for his birthday.

She tells him to just open it, saying that what is inside she hopes they will share forever. He quizzically says okay.. This excited husband first opens the Apple box and finds a second box inside for him to open. He pauses and stares at what is inside, says nothing and then cries out “Oh My God” and then bursts into tears of joy!

His wife has surprised him with something so much more spectacular than the watch he was expecting. Her creativity is nothing short of amazing and his emotional reaction will make your day. Let us know if you enjoyed witnessing this intimately lovely moment as much as we did.

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