Big Husky Refuses To Share Bone With Tiny Puppy. The Pup Proceeds To Throw An Hysterical Tantrum.

There are some things in life that you don’t mess with and one of those things is a dog with a bone! When a dog gets a bone it’s usually either a special treat, or given as a reward in recognition for doing a job well done. The fact that it’s a rare delicacy or hard earned makes them extra protective of their tasty snack and a lot less willing to part with it so easily!

That’s why the adorable Husky in this video was so unwilling to share a bone she received with her little sister. She wanted to keep it all to herself but no matter how cute and hard the little puppy tried, she couldn’t snag the bone away, let alone get a taste of it!

You may already know or be familiar with Mishka, the older and much larger dog pictured in the clip gnawing away happily at her bone. Several years back she shot to internet stardom when a clip of her saying “I love you” to her owners went viral on YouTube. People everywhere immediately fell in love with the sweet, smart, an very talkative Siberian Husky.

In the time since then Mishka’s family has grown with the addition of Laika, a fellow Husky. These days the pair get along great and love spending time chasing squirrels, talking, singing, and playing together. Even still, back when Laika was a puppy Mishka wasn’t so ready and willing to share a hard earned bone with little sister! There are just some things a dog simply won’t part with.

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