THIS Dog Left His Toy Outside and A Fox Found It. The Dog’s Reaction Is Hilarious!

The old saying “sly as a fox” doesn’t seem to apply to this cute one caught on camera playing with a dog’s toy.  The memorable moment was shared on YouTube by Ardes Gayangos Ng, who lives in Yukon, Canada, with her dog Lupe Johnson.  Lupe is an adorable little Chiweenie, a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund.  She can be seen in the video looking out the window watching the the toy thief as he merrily rolls around chasing her ball in the yard.

The red fox is clearly having an awesome time with the toy as he excitedly leaps up in the air and pursues it.  He tumbles in the grass and bounces around wildly, behaving just like a dog would.  Lupe seems to be either jealous that his toy is being used by the wild animal or he is eager to play along with him.  He barks and stares intently at the scene unfolding outside and some comments suggest he was outraged while others thought the fox was trying to tease the dog.

Whatever their intentions and true feelings about the situation, the moment is definitely a sight to behold.  The fox is showing a rare side of his nature that people never really get to witness.  He looks so content and happy and the way he plays around with the toy is hilarious.  If Lupe truly was mad perhaps next time he will not leave his toys unattended in the yard!

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